Doron Fetman
CEO / Founder
New Jersey, USA
The Razor Sharp Realist
After nearly two decades of experience in the service, retail and product industry, in the summer of 2012 Doron made a move that would disrupt the existing creative space. With invaluable insight into the intricacies and financial aspects of several industries over the years, he began the process of combining business strategy, product and business development with creativity - something not many are able to execute to date. Experience and grit have always been the finest feathers in Doron’s cap leading up to his invaluable brainchild the world knows as Eff Creative Group.
New Jersey
Toby Hassan-Fishman
CCO / Co Founder
Montreal, Canada
The Creative Visionary
Toby’s name has been synonymous with creativity according to the many who have worked with her. While Doron mastered the business aspects of the company, he needed Toby to put the Creative into Eff Creative Group. At the mere age of 19, Toby began to design for brands for ten years right from her living room alongside raising her two young daughters while amassing a client roster and managing projects that would intimidate most. After working independently for almost a decade Doron and Toby joined forces in the dog days of summer 2012 and began to create a team upon the foundations of invaluable experience and talent.
Jonathan M. Kopnick
Ohio, USA
The Geek In Chief
Known as the iconoclast of the company, Jonathan’s addition to Eff Creative Group was an invaluable one with his expertise in technology being at the heart of our most powerful third pillar. Jonathan’s natural ability to understand complex concepts, innovate and solve problems enabled him with several invaluable skills necessary for client projects. His specialization in digital product management, data analytics, technical documentation, and software development is what lies at the heart of any strategy created for clients. It was winter of 2013 when Jonathan met Doron and Toby and where he quickly became a key player and partner in the early formation of Eff Creative Group.
Mansi Sharma
Director, Singapore
Jakarta, Indonesia
The Absurdly Articulate Voice
With Eff’s growing global recognition, the company became a powerful brand name in itself. Mansi Sharma, having gained experience in public relations with conceptualizing product launches for large scaled brands such as The Body Shop and L’Oreal, walked through the beats of branding almost naturally. With a bold voice in her writing and an unapologetic flair to her personality, she began to conceptualize many of Eff’s high profile social campaigns. Her internationally diverse roots across India and Indonesia enabled her to become a strong affiliate with Eff Creative’s Singapore operations. As the outspoken and tenacious voice of Eff who will always rise to the occasion of a challenge, Mansi is a woman of many ideas and few inhibitions...not to mention the former Miss India-Indonesia.
Elsa Lee
Sr. Graphic Designer
Taipei, Taiwan
The Creative Design Purist
Having spent over a decade in Taipei and Taiwan, Elsa’s passion for graphic design was an early budding one. After designing for major corporations such as Unilever brands, Neutrogena and Bayer, Elsa moved to the Big Apple to expand her horizons as a Communication Design major at PRATT. With almost a decade of cumulative experience in the design and advertising industry Elsa’s expertise lies in display design, packaging design, brand identity development and visual design trend analysis.
Danielle Noy
Managing Director
Cannes, France
The Fail Proof Taskmaster
While the service side of Eff’s projects were thriving, Doron believed he needed to add another driven, organized and focused team member to allow the in-house products to flourish. Danielle Noy, with her years of experience in project analysis and event organization knew how things worked, why they worked the way they did and how to ultimately get them done. Today, she is the operational and analytical backbone of every Eff project putting the P in perfection. Growing up in Cannes, France, a Moroccan and Russian background plus years of experience in the Israeli tech industry makes Danielle, quite evidently, a woman of poignant diagnosis, not mere discussion.
Alexandra R.
Project Manager
Kiev, Ukraine
The Diva of Development
Alexandra is a ​talented technical project manager with international experience in client communication, multi-disciplinary management of engineering, quality assurance, and product management. Alexandra organizes and coordinates all of Eff Creative's development projects from developing architecture through the engineering process alongside the rest of our talented full stack development team. Alexandra is especially adept at implementing training and mentoring programs to create scalability, allowing Eff Creative's pool of all-star engineers to keep up to the highest standards while growing at a rapid pace. Alexandra has the unique skill of being able to bring both solution-based and creative thinking into any project, no matter how complex or demanding.

Melissa Cruz
Content Marketing Manager
Mexico City, Mexico
Gerente de Marketing de Contenidos de Eff
Eff’s client campaigns are driven by a strategic blend of content across a variety of social and marketing channels. At the helm of Eff’s content campaigns is Melissa, Eff’s effervescent and ever-cheerful content marketing manager. Melissa is an alumna of New York University with experience in the marketing, advertising and the public relations field. Melissa has worked with several successful mission-driven organizations and helped them with managing projects with strong analytical and time management skills, all stemming from her roots in Mexico City. Melissa’s experience is in building brand awareness using innovative strategies to reach the desired target market which comes from a passion for communications and collaboration on social media and brand strategy.
Mexico City